Dang...there goes my bag fund...waah : (

  1. So I was saving up to buy a Trim II. My Significant Other person said he could buy me something H (we are 5 years together in August) but in the price range of an Evelyn. I really, really wanted a Trim, so I said okay, I would add to it and buy myself a Trim, and things were going on swimmingly regarding saving up for a bag.

    This morning my car was making weird noises, so I took it along to the shop - they took it apart and this whole afternoon consisted of the mechanic giving me phone calls going "This part is wearing out. It costs X dollars to fix it" with repeats every 2 hours or so. It turns out that I'll need to use up a good portion of my Trim fund to fix my car - either that, or buy myself a new car. I'm not so much a fan of car payments so I decided to keep my old car....but my Trim fund has now been reduced drastically.

  2. oh merika, i am sorry about your trim! but do not worry, your car is more important for now, and you can still buy a trim later. it will be all that more sweeter when you have it, and just think you will feel great your car is working very well in the meantime. chin up :heart:
  3. Poop. So sorry. The trim will still be there after the car is resolved!
  4. The trim is a classic, and will be there when you get your car fixed. Sorry, I know that this is an emotional setback.
  5. Big cyber hugs your way....and don't worry, your dream bag will come.
  6. So sorry!!! How difficult it must be because you were so looking forward to it. Your car is more important since it is probably what you use to get to work and the pay check allows you to save. So, the trimm will be there. Everything happens for a reason, maybe you will end up with a better color, leather or something you like even better. Hang in there.
  7. I'm so sorry, Merika! It always seems to happen that way. But I agree that even the cloudiest clouds do come with silver linings! You'll get your Trim, never fear!
  8. Sorry to hear this, M!!! We are all pulling for you to replenish your Trim fund and get your dream bag lickety split!! {{{{hugs}}}}
  9. I just hate it when stuff like that happens! Sending big hugs your way. Hang in. As HC said above, this is most important for now and a Trim II will be waiting for you when you are ready!
  10. How horrible - I hate it when reality dips into the purse fund! I hope your Trim buget gets replenished soon and you find the perfect bag!
  11. That stinks! So sorry =(
  12. I'm so sorry Merika. I pray you have a huge surprise windfall very very soon - your special new bag is coming, and sooner than you think. :heart:
  13. Oh Merika, sorry to hear that....cars :shrugs:

    Sending you lots of hugs.:heart::heart:
  14. Oh Merika, that really sucks! I bet soon enough you will get it!
  15. Auugghh. That stinks Merika! I hope the repairs will keep you driving safely in your paid-off car for a long time to come!

    And can I just say . . . where do you all find these super SO's? What a sweetie to buy you something H!! I LOVE my DH, but still can't imagine him actually INSIDE Hermes, lol.