Dancing with the Stars

  1. Any Dancing with the Stars fans? This season looks to be super-great.
    I just caught the tail-end of a story on E! tonight. They said a star's marriage was in trouble because of the spouses' participation last season to the show. I think they said something about the star spending too much time dancing and rehearsing and it kept him or her away from the kids too much. Did anybody hear who they were talking about or any more facts? I'm dying to know.
  2. ^no but I was really surprised by some of the new participants!
    Like Tucker Carlson{?}! LOL! doesn't seem like the type!


    An American football superstar, a legendary TV talk show host, an award-winning country music singing star, an ultra-conservative TV political pundit, a movie star and a former beauty queen are among the performers who will compete this season on Dancing with the Stars, premiering TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 12 (8:00-10:00 p.m., ET).

    Hosted by Tom Bergeron (Americas Funniest Home Videos) and co-hosted by Samantha Harris (E! Entertainment), the new season brings an exciting lineup of even more celebrities than before. The 11 couples heading to the dance floor this season are:

    TUCKER CARLSON – MSNBC news anchor -- and often controversial -- conservative political TV pundit and columnist. He will be partnered with professional dancer Elena Grinenko, who makes her series debut this season.

    MONIQUE COLEMAN – Actress and teen idol from Disney Channel's smash hit High School Musical. She will be partnered with professional dancer Louis Van Amstel, who returns for his third season. Van Amstel danced with Lisa Rinna and Trista Sutter in previous seasons.

    SARA EVANS – Country Music Award-winning and top-selling singing sensation. Sara will dance with Tony Dovolani, who partnered with Stacy Keibler in the second season.

    WILLA FORD – Singing sensation and self-professed "bad girl of pop." Professional dancer Maxsim Chmerkovskiy, who teamed up with Tia Carrere last season, will be her professional dance partner.

    VIVICA A. FOX – Stunning film and television actress/producer who has starred in several major blockbusters including Kill Bill and Independence Day. She will be partnered with professional dancer Nick Kosovich, who returns for his second season. He was previously paired with Tatum O'Neal.

    HARRY HAMLIN – Film and TV star of the hit, award-winning drama series L.A. Law and husband of Dancing with the Stars alumna Lisa Rinna. Professional dancer Ashly Delgrosso returns to the series for her third season. She was previously paired with Master P and Joey McIntyre.

    JOE LAWRENCE – Actor and former teen heartthrob. Professional dancer Edyta Sliwinska, who returns for her third season, will be his partner. She previously partnered with George Hamilton and Evander Holyfield.

    MARIO LOPEZ – Actor and TV host. He will be partnered with professional dancer Karina Smirnoff, who makes her series debut.

    SHANNA MOAKLER – National beauty queen, actress, model and reality television star. Professional dancer Jesse DeSoto joins the cast for the first time this season as her partner.

    EMMITT SMITH – An NFL legend and three-time Super Bowl champion who holds the world's all-time leading rushing record and is considered one of the greatest football players to ever play the game. He will be partnered with Dancing with the Stars season two professional dance champion, Cheryl Burke.

    JERRY SPRINGER – Notorious TV talk show host of The Jerry Springer Show, talk radio broadcaster and politician. He will be partnered with Australian beauty, professional dancer Kym Johnson, who makes her series debut this season. Kym was the champion of the Australian Dancing with the Stars
  3. Thanks for the article. What a variety of contestants. I am glad to see that Ashly Delgrosso is back after last season's disappointment with Master P.
  4. Watching Veronica Mars and i love Harry Hamlin on that show as evil Aaron Eckols so can't wait to see him dance.

    I used to have a crush on Joey Lawrence and can't wait to see how he's grown up since his "Blossom" days.

    Jerry Springer?! This i have to see.
  5. It was such a great opening show last night! Too bad somebody has to go after just one dance. I think it will be Sara Evans. Even though Mario Lopez is probably about my half my age, he sure got my attention with his sultry style!!LOL!
  6. I am watching this just to see Jerry Springer dance.:P
  7. Mario Lopez was smoking last night ,that guy had me :sweatdrop: .
    Emmitt Smith had a good first showing :smile: .
    Jerry Springer is a joke, :wtf: were they thinking :sad: .

    I enjoy watching the show but I feel the ultimate winner should be left up to the professional judges.When you let the general public cast votes it turns into nothing more than a popularity contest :whistle: .
  8. I hate result shows.....tonight was BORING!!!

  9. ME TOO!!!:lol:

    So, who got the boot?!:confused1:
  10. Looks like everyone but Tucker (and Jerry) have potential. Not sure who was voted off.
  11. Tucker Carlson got voted off.
  12. Nice. He's such a joke.
  13. Tucker looked like he was waiting for a lap dance.
  14. I always feel bad when someone gets kicked off :sad:

    but I am glad that Sara Evans didn't get eliminated

    damn I definitely see Mario at the end
  15. I haven't heard anything about that, but I would not be surprised if this was more common... after all, you're spending hours and hours a day in close contact with someone else (who is attractive), wearing sexy clothes! The spouses should visit the practice studios if they are suspicious of anything though!!