Dammit.... the strap is killing my heel

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  1. The back strap on my Horatio Sling is diggin' into my heel/ankle bone. I tried and tried, but I refuse to suffer wearing my dag 'on shoes. I ordered a 40.5 and will take those to the cobbler to get the strap adjusted..... I don't have this problem with my NPs..

    **BIG ARSE SIGH** off to sell them......

    **vent over**
  2. I hate slingbacks. I refuse to buy them, no matter how pretty they are -- either they kill my heels, or (far, far more often) they just will not stay on, no matter what I do (strappy strips, etc.).

    I'm sorry they didn't work out, DC :sad:.
  3. Do you think Strappy Strips might help?
  4. I don't think so, because it's just really tight. No room...
  5. I too have always had a problem with strappy shoes. I love VPs and closed heel shoes. Where I used to work, their rule was that only one end of the shoe could be open. Maybe a different style would work out for you? My sympathies on selling them... :sad:
  6. Aw, well, I'm sorry you have to sell them. It's always hard to let any CLs go.
  7. Aww, that sucks DC. I had a pair of CL kitten heel slings that were the same way, just way too tight in the strap. I ended up having to let them go too.
  8. I must be the complete opposite, I actually prefer slingbacks! I just feel that it gives a bit more 'leverage' in the shoe and keeps it on better? I have a pair of shoes similar to VP's, closed heel and open toe and I just find these a nightmare to keep on! Maybe I have a narrow heel or something?
  9. I'm sorry, DC. Glad you were able to find another pair!
  10. My experience is the same as yours. Slingbacks are perfect for me, while I slip out of everything with a closed heel.

    I hope the cobbler can come up with a solution, it would be sad to have to let such great shoes go.
  11. Aw sorry DC! I'm sure they'll be fine when you get them back from the cobbler, but that still stinks!
  12. That stinks! Hopefully the replacement pair works better!
  13. ya one of my slingbacks just kill my skin, and especially since they're patent and hard, I get all these blisters in the back everytime. If it weren't for this problem I'd be wearing them everyday in the summer
  14. ITA!! I have major slippage in VPs or any style with open toe and closed back. I have to have a strap at the back...and I have narrow heels and wide feet...figures.

    Sorry, DC, that they don't feel comfortable. It's a good thing you have a bunch of other lovelies to choose from :heart: