damier wapity

  1. does anyone in the know have any idea if this is a possibility soon?

    I have all three...the damier would really complete me.:heart: :yahoo:
  2. It would be sooooo cute!
  3. I called 866-VUITTON, spoke with a Patrick that told me this is not a future possibility. :crybaby: :yucky:
  4. :crybaby: :crybaby: never??????:crybaby:
  5. Well he didn't say never, but he did kill whatever hope I had for getting the wapity in damier canvas. :Push:

  6. who is this patrick person???
  7. Not even a special order deal?
  8. Can't u special order?
  9. why don't you SO it?
  10. Crazybaglady I don't know him personally, he's an SA through the 866-VUITTON.

    Michelle "No special orders for the wapity" is what he told me.

    Rishen I wish, but I'll call again to see if I can get someone else to confirm this.
  11. Unfortunately, LV does not do SO's on accessories.
  12. So Never? I wonder the reasoning behind this I wuold think it would be massively popular.
  13. that day i was jsut thinking about the damier wapity. i think it'll be great