Damier Wapity?

  1. Is it possible to special order, does anyone have one? I think that would be my pick for a Wapity :yes:
  2. I'm not sure if you can special order, but I have the mono and I LOVE it!!
  3. OH, I want one too!
  4. I would love one in damier.:biggrin::flowers:
  5. I think that would be even cuter than the Monogram :smile:
  6. Frozen7313 mentioned on LJ that he received approvals for a damier wapity, but another LJ user said that the request was rejected. It looks kind of like a mixed bag ? :blink:
  7. Who would like a Damier Wapity ? Isn't it about time LV made it a part of their permanent line? I would be so..o happy. Someone said the only ones floating around are the fake ones??
  8. I asked an SA and she told me small leather goods couldn't be special ordered... :sad: Is a wapity considered a small leather good?
  9. yea.. my SA, all 3 of them (one in SCP boutique, one in Saks SCP - i think shes the AM, and one in Hollywood & Highland - also the AM there), all said that it can be done.. i've gotten approved for doing SO's for dog collars in damier or multicolore, suhali pochettes, multicolore pocket agenda or multicolore checkbook covers....all are small leather goods.
  10. Suhali pochette?? I want to see, it sounds cute. Same with the multicolor dog collar.
  11. ^ how would a suhali pochtte look like? Would it be modeled after an epi pochette?? A white one would be gorgeous!!
  12. yea they said it would be modeled after the epi pochette. .

    and when i was in my more flamboyantly gay days, i had contemplated a multicolore dog collar... for me... for gay pride parades/festivals. LOL. i know it's weird and funny to think about, but hey, you only live once! haha. :lol:
  13. I wouldn't say that is weird...whatever floats your boat, right ;) ?
  14. I don't think its weird either. As a matter fact, I'm going to tell my friend to do this for one his performances. He performs in a dance group and they have special shows during pride week. And to say he :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: 's LV is an understatement :lol:

    I think a Damier Wapity would be adorable.

    This blog is truely and enabler. Just a few weeks ago I couldn't figure out what on earth I would ever do with/want a Wapity for at all. Now I kind of want one!

    Purseblog BAD!!!!:lol:
  15. hehe, i agree with you. I used to be against multicolor, and now i want the wapity in it!