Damier version of Chanel WOC? (Need Opinions!)

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Opinions please!

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  1. Ok, so I love the Chanel Wallet on Chain but I don't have the funds to purchase a $2000 cross body wallet right now. Since I already own a wallet and a matching strap, I though I'd create my own version of WOC. I went on eBay and purchased an inexpensive 16" chain to match the hardware of the wallet and strap. When it arrived, I placed the chain inside the wallet and attached the strap to the chain to create a cross body wallet. I think it turned out pretty good, but would like TPF's opinion. Pics to follow..

    16" chain

    chain inside *International wallet

    clipped *Eva strap on chain

    finished product

    And finally some modeling pics

    Please tell me what you think.. Thanks! :smile:
  2. that looks great!!! what a creative idea! makes me wanna run out and get a crossbody....i've been eyeing an eva..
  3. wow. that looks like it works well.
  4. Looks good!
  5. you are creative....looks good!
  6. That's really cute! Nice job!
  7. I think that looks absolutely fantastic, really stylish. And I bet a few people will follow in your footsteps after seeing your pictures!
  8. Some people are so creative. I love this!!
  9. How original! I like it! :tup:
  10. That's really cute! Love it.
  11. great!!! :heart: it!!!
  12. It looks so cute!!
    You're very creative (:
  13. :tup: Love it!
  14. That's very pretty!
  15. That looks amazing. So stylish.