Damier triana or epi pont-neuf

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I've been looking at the damier triana and the epi pont-neuf (black or cannelle) for a while...any thoughts on the one that is best for every day? i work in an office.
  2. I think the epi pont neuf in black would be great, matches with everything and it's so feminine !
  3. Epi Point-Neuf is a good size bag, is about 10"x9", only handheld same as Damier Triana, but this one is a little bigger 10.2"x9.1". I think all depends on your wardrobe, do you have more clothes and shoes that goes with brown or black? other wise both bags will give you similar functionality.
  4. I really like the Pont-Neuf. My mum has the Triana, and maybe that makes me associate it with a more mature woman.
  5. I like the look of the Pont-Neuf a lot, but it looks very stiff to me, like maybe it would be hard to get in and out of.
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