Damier speedy

  1. I heard a rumor...the Damier speedy is out tomorrow. Can anyone confirm this? My friends SA told her this on monday.
  2. They may be out tomorrow in store but you can not buy it yet. You can put a hold and pick it up on the official launch date which is 6/1.
  3. I'm going to LV on Saturday. I'd love to be able to at least see it this weekend so I can choose between Damier or Mono. ;)
  4. do you know the retail of the damier speedy?
  5. Price is the same as Mono.
    fyi: My SA also said the same thing, they will be getting them in for preview only not for sale til end of the month. :sad:
  6. ^^ really? price will be the same as Mono??? i thought Damier speedy will be in the $800+ range.
  7. I hope it's not $800 If that turns out to be true I'll get a mono.
  8. Well a majority of the peices that come in both mono and damier that are already out are the same price... (Pegase, Poche 26,) So I would assume it is the same price
  9. I confirmed with Customer Service on the LV 1-800 line that the Damier will be the same price as the mono.

    There's at least a couple other threads about the Damier Speedy.
  10. Can't wait to finally see it in person!
  11. just rang and checked with the LV store in Akl NZ, they've actually got the Damier Speedy 25,30 at the store, but they've sold all 25, only one Damier speedy 30 left, I am thinking about going there and grab this last Speedy 30 !
    sells here for NZ$1060(Retail)
  12. shoot! i hope the damier speedy 25 isnt sold out in CA... i just preordered mine yesterday!
  13. I've been constantly travelling this couple of weeks but now that I'm back my desperation to get my Damier Speedy has increased like hell (addicted, me?? :roflmfao: )
    I'm the first on the waiting list for a 25 in Amsterdam but my SA hasn't rung yet... I'll pay her a visit tomorrow to put some pressure LOL... :lol:

    PS: price is 410 euros (mono is 395 euros)
  14. here in vienna the prices are the same for mono and damier. funny how they're already selling them in other countries. the official release date is june 1st, we're not allowed to sell them before that.
  15. according from the look see catolag that i received the Speedy 25 is 415 euros and Speedy 30 is 430 euros......