Damier Speedy 30 or Alma

  1. I have this love and hate about the LV speedy. I bought and sold and re-bought, then sold again the Monogram speedy 25 couple of times. Now I really want a speedy again but in Damier. I went to the LV store to check out the Damier Speedy 30, but they don't have in stock, and I felt in love with the Damier Alma bag. I bought the Damier Alama, but still not sure if the Alama is the bag will suit me. I was wondering if I should take it back and exchange to the speedy 30.

    For me, Alma is more sophisticated and stylish than speedy, while speedy is more casual and tend to be good with young people. The SA kept telling me everyone seems have a speedy while Alma is more unique.

    Anyway, I still have 14 days that I can return and 30 days can do the exchange. For those of you who have either Alma or Speedy, what do you like to dislike about those 2 bags. Any thoughts are helpful.
  2. Speedy is popular for a reason-goes w/casual or formal regardless of age. Alma is more unique if you want to stand outl, and i personally think it's also great for young people. If you love the mono speedy but sold&bought b/c of vachetta, I assure you Damier Speedy will be a keeper since it's vachetta free.

    It all comes down to what YOU love the most :flowers:
  3. Speedy!!!! I don't like how if you put too much stuff in the Alma it gets funky shaped.
  4. i love the damier alma!
  5. My damier speedy is my go to bag! I use it everyday for work. I like that it is a bit less structured than the alma. HTH!
  6. I love the damier speedy - all speedies, in fact! I like the alma, too, but think the speedy is more versatile.
  7. I'd keep the Damier Alma.

    You don't see many people with it and that makes it just a bit more special.
  8. That's what I was thinking when I bought it. almost 3 out of 10 people in the LV store when I was there to purchase the Alma has speedy on their arm, which was one of the reason I picked Alma. But then price wise, it's like 50% more than the speedy.
  9. I would stick with the Alma, I believe it to be a much nicer bag than the Speedy, I also feel it can be worn to ANY occasion whereas I feel the seedy has its limits.
  10. I am hoping the Damier will be the one I can keep it for long, not like monogram, it's vachetta free.
  11. It really sounds to me like you want the Alma, and aren't a fan of the Speedy 30! Why push it? Get the Alma! It's a beautiful bag and I'd love to see modeling pics!!
  12. Alma!!!
  13. I think it's the price, really. I was planning to spend $600, but ended up spending $900. I need a good reason why I should spend 50% more. haha.:sweatdrop:
  14. sorry, double posting
  15. I like Damier Speedy. I've problem to keep the shape of my Damier Alma and the trim place on near the bottom is easily to out of shape and get rub.