damier speedy 25 on annsfabulousfinds

  1. I saw that, but the price is so close to retail that I would rather get a brand new one from the store...
  2. never heard of this site before. has anyone purchased from it before?
  3. Oh dog gone it, it's on layaway. :sad:

    I have bought from her before and her service is excellent! I highly recommend!
  4. ITA :yes:
  5. i saw two items I want, but their on layaway.
  6. I have personally purchased items from Ann and she and Troy are absolutely excellent to work with!
  7. I think that price is quite high. I agree that I would rather buy a new one.
  8. I guess despite the higher price, the option to layby would attract buyers who would otherwise be looking to brand new.
  9. Already on layaway.

    But ITA with those of you who said you'd rather just get a new one...
  10. i have added this site to my favorites. nice to find another place to shop besides eBay.
  11. I second that notion.:smile: