damier regular or azur?


Which do you prefer for a speedy?

  1. azur

  2. regular

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  1. So I'm thinking about getting my next lv (right now I only have one, an lv mono, and some accessories), anyways.. would you all tell me whether you prefer the regular damier or the azur? I live in Michigan so there's a lot more cool weather than warm, but I am kind of drawn to the azur? What doyou think???
  2. AZUR!!!!....unless you want a care free bag.... then Damier.
  3. I'm in love with Azur, but if the weather is your concern, then I'd go for the Ebony.
  4. i think it depends on the style. if you want a speedy, azur. but the new styles coming out in may -- like sporty, regular damier.
  5. Azur !!!
  6. Azur! if you like the color combo and worry about rain/snow, spray the vachetta w/leather protector such as apple guard or shining monkey to make it more water resistant. do you have any particular bag in mind?
  7. I also say azur.
  8. ebony (regular damier)
  9. azur all the way. i'm not sure if i'll like patina on the bags, though... i wouldn't like it if it got way too dark. but i won't have to worry about that just yet.
  10. Azur is beautiful but its just not for me. I like low-maintenance bags and no longer want to deal with vachetta, patina, etc., especially for handheld bags. I also wear mostly black so regular Damier is the obvious choice for me! :yes:
  11. I love both but with summer just around the corner, azur seems to be the ideal choice.
  12. azur azur azur ! It's so hot right now, especially for the summer!
  13. Such a hard choice lol..I'd go with the Ebony though.
  14. I prefer Regular Damier to Azur. ;)
    That's just bcos I'm a low-maintenance gal. :p
  15. That question is easy: Azur! Spring and Summer is just around the corner and you'll take it out every single day! Plus it's so trendy right now, but it'll always be a classic.