Damier pochette on a strap...how do i look tonight?

  1. lemme know!! :yahoo:

    sorry about the background..
    CIMG1213.JPG CIMG1214.JPG
  2. Great idea! :nuts: You look HOT as always rensky! :yes: So where are you going tonight huh? :graucho:
  3. where did you get the long strap?..me likey..
  4. Rensky you look nice. You can wear it across the body too! I did that with the Monogram.
  5. Is that the adjustable Damier strap that you can also use with a Damier Speedy? Looks good!!! I have that same strap but I don't have a Damier Pochette! Maybe I should get one?????
  6. You look great--love it with the long strap!
    Hey missy..make that bed before you go out looking all spiffy! j/k:p
  7. i do that with my monogram pouchette....and i love it. Couldn't handle that short dinky strap. :wlae:

    However, I do get stares and whispers from people when they see my purse. They probably are thinking, "What? That purse must be fake! It is not supposed to come with such a long strap!".

    HA! :roflmfao:
  8. looks great :smile:
  9. Looks good.
  10. looking great!!!
  11. Oh wow...I think it looks great!!!!!!!! I may have to do that with my pochettes....make it easier to carry them!
  12. great idea- looks so nice!
  13. looks good on you
  14. that looks great! I saw a long strap attached to a mono pochette somewhere in the collections thread I think.
  15. You look great and it's a fab idea. I like this much better than having to use the pochette as a hand held clutch.