Damier or Monogram?

  1. I am thinking about another speeedy. Tell me what you all think about the Damier? I am not sure if i like it better than the Monogram. It will be a gift, should i do traditional monogram or Damier..she would be happier to have either. Just wondering which is in style forever?
  2. the monogram is always a classic but the damier is really nice too, i like the fact that you dont need to worry about getting the leather trim & handles dirty. go for the damier.....
  3. Awww that's very nice of you. I'll choose Damier:tender:
  4. yeah, go for the damier, it is such a nice bag even though i have the monogram speedy.
  5. The damier of course :tender:
  6. I am surprised to see so many voting for Damier. Do you think it looks better?
  7. Personally, I think the damier is too reserved for my tastes. It's professional, and something that I would carry to work but I much prefer the monogram !
  8. I agreed with u.
  9. I love the monogram, it's iconic and classic.
  10. I like the monogram the best in the speedy style.

    For some strange reason I don't really love the damier in the speedy style, BUT love the way the damier looks on the papillion and the navona. :shrugs:

    But thats just my opinion:flowers:
  11. i would get the Damier because it's less common than the Monogram and not faked to death
  12. I really like the damier rather than the monogram.
  13. i personally like the damier, but if it's a gift, i would def do mono.
  14. i agree with sara- since it's a gift, go mono. (It's super nice of you to give lv as a present, btw) also, worst case, she can exchange it for damier, if that's her preference.
  15. Wow, so many votes for the damier. It's nice enough, but personally I'd choose the monogram, it's timeless and classic LV and more beautiful IMO.