Damier neverfull

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  1. yesterday I snet an e mail to LV assistent asking fot the launch about damier neverfull azur and ebene because I have heard that damier azur will be launched by may in Europe. This is the response:

    Concerning your request, we confirm that the Neverfull in damier should
    be launched in Europe in May 2009:wlae:

    Another request is if also damier ebene will be launched by this may.....:shrugs: we hopeeeeeee:yahoo:
  2. anyone knows more?
  3. Let's hope!!!! May would be perfect for a new summer bag!!!
  4. I haven't heard anything about Azur...I'm pretty sure they will release Ebony in Europe before they do Azur, since Europe doesn't even have it yet...who knows!
  5. I don't know it is strange that it will be reliased first in azur ?
  6. So, you mean that the Neverfull Azur will be in Europe around May?

    How about in US?

    ((It's very annoying with the push back date...))
  7. mmm they said me that about azur they hadn't news at this moment :sad: while in damier they will plan for May
  8. UGH. I wish the azur was out. I am sick of waiting.
  9. ^ I KNOW ! I want to finish my neverfull collection.. although I am missing the LEs and the Croc ! :sad:
  10. with the launch of the totally tote, i'm thinking azur NF will get pushed even further back :sad:
  11. thanks
  12. For my part, i heard that the neverfull coming in may 2009 should be in ebene.

    But lately, my Sa told me that China will get it around june and maybe our date can be postpone again !
  13. I'm sad, I really want azur neverfull
  14. My sa told me may, and i am from denmark, i am now on the waitlist
  15. What I have to do to be in a waitlist?