damier, monogram, or mini lin?

  1. After much thought and consideration (plus a trip to the local LV store), I have decided that my first LV purchase would be a Speedy 30. Now my problem is which one: Damier, Monogram, or Mini Lin? Please help me out... (my husband likes the Mini Lin though)...
  2. Mini lin!! It's very beautiful, and not nearly as common as monogram. I would vote damier second!
  3. Although I have and love my Mini Lin, I would vote for the iconic Monogram for your first LV!
  4. Welcome to tpf! All 3 are great :yes:. For speedy 30 my favourite is Monogram, but if u not sure of the vachetta than get Damier or Mini Lin :smile:. Do choose a Mini Lin with least pulls and pills if u decide on it :flowers:.
  5. damier or mini lin definitely!
  6. I say monogram for sure!
  7. :tup: Damier will be my 1st choice.
  8. I vote damier!
  9. Damier
  10. Mini Lin, for sure! It is so unique and elegant, I love it!
  11. Can't go wrong ith any but Damier (ebene) is the most care free one
  12. Damier!
  13. All three are gorgeous and you can't go wrong with any, but here are the pros and cons from what I've personally observed:

    Mono: Classic, all-time favourite and LV bestseller but very common and one of the designs with most fakes around, and have to be careful with the vachetta.

    Damier: One of the most durable, carefree and classic bag, but some encountered bleeding of the red lining (not sure if this has been solved now), and some thought that damier print is a bit masculine.

    Mini lin: Don't need to worry about vachetta, newer LV design (less fakes around), but some encountered piling from the fabric.

    Hope this helps. ;)
  14. Monogram - such a classic.
  15. I think everyone's first Speedy should be the Monogram because it is such a classic choice. But now that I have both Damier and Mono speedies, I find myself using the Damier more because of the low maintenance. But everyone else is right...you can't go wrong with either of the 3!! Good luck with your decision!