Damier Mini-Sac? does it exist?!

  1. HI Ladies -

    While out yesterday, I saw a girl carrying what looked like a Damier Mini-Sac ... I never really cared for the Damier LV line but thought that the girl's purse was really cute!!!!

    Has anyone else seen one? I may be interested in getting one for myself!

  2. It could have been Ribera Mini:
  3. I've seen the mini sac with the damier but it was a special order.
  4. yes! that's the one! thanks, LV_addict!

    do you know if there are any other "minis" ... aside from the monogram canvas & damier? i'm not as knowledgeable about all of the LV goodies out there. =)
  5. Multicolore Mini Sac and everything in the Monogram Satin line
  6. I Love The Ribera Mini....It's A Must Have (I Will Look So Cute With It's Mommy Ribera)...