Damier Koala Agenda-Wallet or Damier Koala Compact Wallet?


Keep the Damier Koala Agenda or sell to buy a Damier Koala Wallet?

  1. Sell the Agenda to buy the wallet

  2. Keep using the Agenda

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  1. Hi everyone. Frankie has a conundrum.. :confused1:

    I have a beloved Damier Koala Agenda which I use with a Cles as both wallet and notes/diary. I found it too small to use as my 'everything' diary, so now also own a Damier Agenda GM and Epi Agenda MM (the Epi is my training diary). Since most days when at work I'm using my GM diary for my daily stuff, I find I'm barely using the note pages in my Koala at all. I've bought week-to-page 2008 refills for it to use with notes pages next year with the idea that on those days where I'm carrying a small bag and don't have my GM with me that this could be a quick reference type diary as well as a wallet, but I'm wondering if it'll get much use at all given I'd only use it like that on my days off (and even then only rarely).

    It works well as a wallet and I love carrying it, it always draws compliments and the red lining makes me smile whenever I open it.. but I'm wondering if I should pass it onto a new owner who could use it more for it's intended purpose, and buy myself a Damier Koala Compact Wallet instead.

    I'd be sad to see this go as I love my full house of Agendas, and specifically bought the red Epi and large Damier ones due to my adoration of the Koala's Damier/red combo. Plus it was my second ever LV purchase, and the first one really that started off my LV craze. I love it to pieces, and they're pretty rare and hard to find now that they're gone from the stores, but am thinking perhaps I should look beyond sentimentality and get something that would suit me better, a dedicated wallet. I love the Damier Koala Compact as it's as close to that gorgeous Agenda as I can get!

    So, what do you all think? :shrugs:

    For interest I have pics of my Agendas altogether on (I think) the most recent page of my collection thread.. (I'm at work, photobucket's blocked so I can't see what pics are hotlinked) http://forum.purseblog.com/your-bag-showcase/frankies-lv-collection-176583-6.html There are also pics of my Agenda being used as a wallet.

    (I'm still planning on one day getting the Damier Koala Change Purse too... I can always justify a smaller purse to carry on me in a pocket whilst working, or put inside a clutch. :graucho:)
  2. your agendas are lovely. keep them and buy a compact wallet
  3. I'm only looking to sell the small one, it's either keep that or get a wallet, that's what I'm trying to decide. The other Agendas are staying!

    Here are pics of it as a wallet, anyway..

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Frankie--you're mongo for your congo, but daffy for your diaries. Keep using it. You love it. Don't get rid of it just yet. Hold off and see if you really want to unload it in a few weeks. Then do so.
  5. Go for a new wallet! It will make you happy, too. I'd sell the agenda since you have others.
  6. dont do it, I think about selling mine, but I cant bring myself to do it because I bought the Kaola change purse to match it! You will miss it, it is stunning with the red inside. I was thinking I should sell one of my 2 agendas and have a pomme one too, but I can never make up my mind.
  7. Ahhh but see the Damier Koala Wallet I'd replace it with would also have that delicious red inside. Heheh and I'm getting the matching Koala Change Purse either way! :tup:

    Bugger I can't choose. I'm going to the store on Saturday to buy a T&B Mini Pochette so will see if they have one in there for me to look at. Can't promise I'll walk out without it, though knowing me I'll probably end up keeping both if I get the wallet first. And I CAN'T justify keeping both, no matter what. :push:
  8. Since you already have two larger and more functional agendas, I'd sell the smaller agenda and get the wallet.
  9. noooo!

    don't sell it! the wallet is almost the same size as the agenda, so you won't be saving any room, really.... and you can carry the same stuff in the agenda (esp with the filofax inserts!) as you would in the wallet... and at least with the inserts, you worry less about stretching out the cc pockets & dirtying the change holder....

    i have the koala agenda, which is why the emphatic no. I am emotionally attached my agenda, even though i just had to have it repaired. plus, even if i don't write in it every day, i feel better knowing that i have somewhere to jot down quick notes while im out.

    but of course, whatever you decide will be the right choice for you!
  10. I'm daffy for my diaries! Roffle! :roflmfao:

    Agh this is so hard to decide.... I'm beginning to think I'm just plain daffy! :smash: