damier in summer?

  1. i know summer just left us, but, in your opinion, are certain lv lines appropriate for certain times of the year?
  2. i''d carry my bags at all times of the year, regardless of lines or seasons. i don't believe in bags being seasonal. i'm still using my Damier Speedy and Papillon :yes:
  3. All-year to me. Just about every line.
  4. I use all my bags all times of the year. I love them all and couldn't use just a few and leave the rest behind until the next season. :yes:
  5. Damier works year 'round for me too. In fact, any LV...at these 'investment' prices I wouldn't buy anything unless I could carry it all the time!
  6. To me the Damier line seems more like a winter line. But that is because in Oregon it rains all winter so my mono items dont really see the light of day. Anytime I see it is going to rain I pull out my Damier piece.
  7. I think this would be a perfect bag for rainy days if you dont own an epi bag. you could use it any season imo.
  8. def all year round!!!! LV is seasonless and ageless to me....:heart:
  9. all year! but with the azure line coming out if I had both, I would use the Damier or fall and winter and azur for spring and sunner.
  10. I agree year round. But the azure line seems very spring/summer to me too. Which is odd that they are releasing it with the fall lines?
  11. I'm in the hot south so Damier seems more like a fall/winter bag to me.
  12. For me in Indiana, all LV lines can be used year round.
  13. If you want you could use the bags from the Damier Azur line for the spring/summer. I believe that was a intent of LV from what my manager explained.

    I could careless when you use your bag, I get many people asking what I felt about the MC line...and I really do not have a preference.

    As far as the Damier collection is concerned, it would be fun to use Damier Azur for that purpose! (If you want to get technical, haha.)
  14. The only bags won't carry all year round are my white MC into Fall and Winter. I do carry the black MC tho. I am younger but my mom drove into my head no white (I will wear WINTER white tho-creamish) after labor day and I am sorry ladies but I follow it!
  15. Nope. All LVs are game to be carried all the time! Just don't wear the LV ski gear in the summer. Lol!