Damier fake?

  1. i think and now it is a fake
  2. yes, fake without a doubt. Wait until June and they will debut in the boutiques as a permanant piece.
  3. Mucho faking. That stitching is sad :sad:
  4. thanks, I will order it directly in the shop...are you agreed?
  5. The bag is a fake and the damier speedy should be out as early as april or as late as fall 2006 but wait.
  6. One thing that is holding me as I already envision myself buying the damier speedy in june... is how easily they're going to do fakes... and how they could end up everywhere... :cry:
    How well, tonight I was sitting at a conference and all I could think was how nice it would have been to have a lil damier speedy by my side...:shame:
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