Damier Eole.

  1. OMG I didn't know they made the Eole in Damier. I want the 50!
  2. WOW, I didn't know about this....
  3. That is so pretty. I'm loving the damier canvas line at the moment. Gorgeous
  4. I think someone has posted that it will be coming out and it should be a new release... is sure is pretty !!
  5. Wow, I wasn't aware that the Eole was made in Damier.

    It is so GORGEOUS. :drool:

    Sorry I have no information on it but ..... Thanks For Sharing!
  6. It's gorgous!
    I had been waiting for this to come out since i saw it posted on the fall/winter thread, Thanks for posting!
  7. i wish they made the damier eole look like the mono eole. it looks like a cruiser on wheels.
  8. I think it looks a little bulky... maybe if it was a little smaller I would like it more.
  9. I'm on the list for this particular item! I tove the design!

    I hope it comes out soon, it takes Canada weeks for their merchandie to arrive!
  10. Oh wow....I had no idea they were already out.
    I prefer this over the Mono Eole....
  11. I'm liking this:yes:
  12. I love it! it's really nice!
  13. I sure wish I had more Damier pieces to compliment the purchase of this piece.