Damier Cles

  1. I hate to sound so stupid and ignorant. I got this yesterday at SGD245. My BF he opened up the clasp for me and when i got home yesterday night i hooked my keys in and managed to close it. Now i cant get it to open. :cursing:Somebody pls help. I think i am gonna use it as a HP casing. It fits my new samsung hp perfectly.

  2. Hmm, you mean, you don't know how the opening/closing mechanism works?

    Just grab the botton of the key-holder (where the LV symbol is) with your left hand (with the chain facing toward you), and with your right hand hold the squared side tight and push it away from you, then flip to the right. If all goes well, your keys should be now free ;)
  3. Thanks.. I did it!! :shame: