Damier Chelsea or Monogram Cabas Piano/Mezzo

  1. Hi everyone,

    This is my first post!
    Anyway, I am thinking of getting a-not-so-strutured-bag.
    Either the damier chelsea or Cabas mezzo or Piano.
    I am not tall, 5 ft 2. I want something that can also fit my vaio notebook. And, I own a HAUT!

    Please ladies, I need opinions!
  2. I debated between the mezzo and the chelsea and chose the chelsea. I love the adjustable straps on the chelsea. Also- I don't have to worry about the vachetta on the bottom. I still love the mezzo......It was a tough choice:yes:
  3. I have a Mezzo and I LOVE it. It never feels bulky and its so easy to carry.
  4. Oh custard--forgot to say welcome to the pf!!!!!!!!!!!:biggrin:
  5. chelsea
  6. I am also 5'2 and just got the Cabas Mezzo a few weeks ago...it is an awesome, not so structured bag that I carry my Vaio in as well!! Go for the Mezzo!!
  7. Welcome! I say the Chelsea b/c of the adjustable straps. You won't have to worry about whether it hangs too low on you. I like adjustable shoulder bags as I am only 5-feet tall!
  8. Hi! I am also 5' 2" and my first LV was the Cabas Piano. I think it was just the right size for me. The other bags looked kind of silly on me. If your not going to put much else in it I think you can fit a laptop in it. It's very roomy inside. Good luck with your decision!!
  9. Welcome! I vote for the Chelsea because I am loving my new damier bag. :biggrin: It is so nice to not have to worry about the vachetta. :lol:
  10. Chelsea!
  11. Chelsea! too many people have the mezzo/piano!! like angelina jolie... omg she is worth millions and carries one lv bag.... wth!
  12. I like the Chelsea better. It's less maintenance and you can adjust the strap length using the buckles.
  13. I have mezzo, I bought it because of Jolie but one day if I want damier tote I will go for Chelsea/Saleya. I agree with Matt not many people carry Chelsea..
    I carry my mezzo for trip or winter time, so I can put my jacket in there . I love my Mezzo but the bare leather bottom PITA
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