damier belem pm

  1. it' okay- I'd get the Duomo!
  2. Smallcat, I have that 'little' Bellem PM bag. It has pretty detailing and an unique shape so I'm not sure if that has something to do with it or not. It's definitely a 'cute' bag but I can only use it for a more casual small evening bag. The Bellem MM is a little bit more $$ but it holds more (12.5 long instead of only 7.5 long) and you can use it as a day bag.

    OR... as ValleyOppressed above says: Take a look at the Duomo! That is a gorgeous bag (I have it as well)!!
  3. Actually it's the design that cost. The curses on the side are actually made from pure cutting, a very interesting use of stiff canvas. The zipper doesn't work that great though. If you open the zippers all the way to the side, it's difficult to zip up again. However, this beg looks great with black velvet top.
  4. i have this bag and it it gorgeous. i had bought it while i was in paris and after the exchange rate and tax refund it came out to be 820.00!
  5. is this a handcarry bag? i think it looks so cute and feminine! and i think that it's just enough for me to carry all the stuff that i carry - cell phone, keys, wallet, camera, hand cream.

    Goldensx5 & Everlong - do you have pictures of you carrying the bag that you could share? i would really appreciate it!
  6. Here you go... I have it with my other small Damier bags so you can see it relative to the size of the others and then I took one of it by itself. It is hand held only and relatively small. Hope it helps.
    damier rs.jpg damier side rs.jpg bellem rs.jpg
  7. WOW-Golden...cool collection!!!!! Like the Damier much???!! LOL!
    You guys make me want this bag now......arghh...too funny!
  8. I love the shape of this bag, it's so unique. That could be why it's a little more pricy, it's probably harder to execute, kind of similar to how the croissant is a rather small bag with a large-ish price tag.

    And I love the damier collection, especially the limited ed. sauvage piece !
  9. it's cute...not my personal style, but i like the look of the bag.
  10. hi-does my watchful eye see a duomo in your collection-do you love it and use it alot. Can it be both dressy and casual. what about the size0not to big not to small? The only way I can see is thru you fellow mEmbers or on line. We have no store in our area. thanks
  11. the duomo is the perfect bag (until the damier speedy comes out)...it's a great size, the interior is gorgeous and has lock & keys...i use mine ALL the time...jeans, dress clothes, whatever!
  12. Yep.. The Duomo is the bag that got me 'loving' Damier. Up until then it was just epi and regular monogram for me. I ventured out of my comfort zone with the Duomo and just 'love it'. Very stylish bag in a great size.
  13. Thanks, sorry we ventured to different territory, talking about the duomo, but I just ordered one and can't wait!
    as for the belem, i do like it but too rounded like a ball for me.Sorry
  14. thanks for sharing the pictures Goldensx5!!! i love the damier collection a lot too. the belem looks so cute.

    oh no now i love the duomo too...