Damier Azur IRL

  1. Well, first of all... IRL means In Real Life, isn't it?:P
    Well, today after work I run to LV to see the Saleya MM (I wanted to see it, then the belts, and the pochette accessoires, all in Damier Azur).I need a bag for all the day working... In a first time i wanted a bag like the baggy but in monogram... but now I prefer change a little the type.
    And when I saw it... I didn't like it!:shrugs:
    Really... The little ---- that make the squares... I really don't like them.
    The interior however is well-done.
    This is my opinion.
    (please, correct me when I write something wrong!)
    Uff! Ithink I'll buy another bag... perhaps a Lock-it or Alma.
    Are both wonderful bags... It's hard to make a decision!
  2. Yep, u got the IRL figured out and yeah, there are divided opinions on the damier azur..I do agree that the saleya interior is sweet because of the alcantara lining...Ooo:huh:O, I'd probably go with the Lockit 'cos I'm not too fond of the Alma and I think there's probaby a few classy lines that you can choose your Lockit from? Have you thought about which Alma/Lockit?
  3. lockit horizontal?
  4. I like the saleya's interior! very very very nice! however, the regular pale canvas in the other Azur bags kinda looks REALLLLLY cheap to me..... *sorry if I offend anyone*....... I just don't like the canvas-lining cuz if you think about it, after a few years, the lining would look quite horrible.... if it were in brown or something darker then fine...but I guess that wouldn't really suit azur very well! hehe
  5. I need a purse that can contail A4 notes, magazines...
  6. I didn't like it when I saw it in person either. I thought the checker print is all filled in and I can see the cream color through it and I didn't like that. It doesn't bother me that much in regular Damier.
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