Damier Alma, Papillon or Ribera? First LV!

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  1. I was dead set on the Damier Alma...but decided it is a shame to 'have to' carry it by hand all of the time. If you were' buying your first LV bag and wanted a glamorous bag, which would you choose? Papillon, Ribera PM or Alma?

    I like the 'structure' of the Alma, but the shoulder option of the Papillon 30. Any advice ladies? :smile: :smile:
  2. in that order Damier Alma, Papillon, Ribera
  3. Damier Alma! My first was Lv was a Damier Alma and I am madly in love with this bag. It is uncommon.

    Let us know what you decide:smile:
  4. Pap 30!
  5. I love the Damier Alma! It is just a classic shape and looks dressy and can be easily dressed down. But I also like hand-held bags, so that doesn't bother me.
  6. Have you considered Speedy? One of the classics a girl should have!

    If you don't like the speedy..buy the pap 30!! then the alma!
  7. One of my first LV's was the damier pap, but I ended up using my damier alma so much more, it is such a stylish classy bag and holds a ton, I could never live without it!
  8. The alma is huge and can carry a lot, the ribera if I remember right isn't that large. The papillon 30 is a great bag, I had (well technically still have it for a few more days lol) one, loved it for the most part, I found it hard to find my stuff in it though.
  9. i have the Damier Papillon 30 and it's one of my favorite everyday bags. it holds a lot and is such a cute shape, and it comes with the little baby Papillon too
  10. Damier Alma gets my vote.
  11. I love the classic and timeless shape of the Alma... go for it!
  12. The Alma is definitely glamourous!
  13. The Alma! It's so chic.
  14. The Papillon! It's beautiful.
  15. Papillion! I love that bag. I really, really want one!