Damier 9 CC wallet

  1. Does it exist? I can't seem to find it on the web. Haha...I m going to shop for my first LV later! =D

    Now I have to decide on which to get. It's either the wapity,zippy coin purse(if they hav stock), Taiga 6/9 CC wallet or the Damier 9CC if it exists...hmm...more suggestions anyone?:graucho:
  2. There is the Florin wallet, which has 8 CC slots and a coin pocket?
  3. well, there IS a THIRTEEN cc Damier if you want more space :graucho: Brazza!
  4. Tks..but I dun need so many CC slots...so 6 would be fine. But I m not getting it in Mono or Damier canvas,coz I dun like the position of the cards,I prefer it the horizontal way
  5. Utah Men's Compact Wallet have 9 cc slots, Tiga also have 6/9 wallets in brown or black, but the 9 cc one have those plastic pockets..........
    But have fun at store today, pre Grats on ur First LV :balloon:
  6. The Koala wallet has 9 cc slots and you can buy it in Damier, Mono, Epi, Vernis, or Multicolor.
  7. yeah i didn't like the position of the 6cc in the damier either, but i adapted. it's fine for me now. :smile: maybe same for you? shrugs.
  8. Hahha...tks..shall see if I am lucky enought to get my first LV today. Hope it doesn't go out of stock before I buy it! :p
  9. I bought the 6 CC for my boyfriend and he loves it. Unfortunately it doesn't come with 9 CC slots...hwoever you can buy the bill fold with the plastic inserts and together I believe it adds up to 9 cards. (but not slots in the wallet)