Damaged sale shoes...

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  1. What do you do? I received a pair that looked a little worn on the sole - like they had been display shoes people had tried on in store. There is also a tiny scuff on the suede which still had colour but is just a tad paler.

    Anyway I only checked them in work but when I got home I noticed there's a couple of quite deep scratches on the sole and quite a chunk on red missing at the edge. I love the shoes and know they'll get damaged as Iwear them but the side red scuff looks quite significant to me and I'm thinkg had I bought the shoes "new" on ebay I'd be looking for a partial refund or possibly a return.

    However I really like the shoes and they were less than half the retail price so would you suck it up, complain and hope for a further discount or send them back? :sad:
  2. I'd complain to the store and ask for the partial refund. You thought you were buying new shoes and they didn't give you all the information. I think it's perfectly reasonable. Especially the fact that the suede's slightly damaged because that's what people are going to see!
  3. If you want to keep the shoes, it can't hurt to ask for a partial refund, like hya_been said. It would be perfectly fair.
  4. [​IMG]
    Suede worn slightly at the seams

    Little mark on the suede of the right heel

    Whitish line where the hidden platform is

    Some small dents on the red and then the chunk on the right

    Close up of that damage

    Am I being too precious do you think?
  5. OMG these are wicked awesome! You totally have to keep them - but ask sternly for a partial refund.
  6. Thanks Bitstuff - I see you're in Ireland - so am I!


    Here's a wee modelling pic! Going to email them now, fingers and toes crossed.
  7. They're beautiful! But you definitely deserve a partial refund.
  8. I think that the damage is not that bad at all, on your feet, they look great! If you can get some cash back, cool, if not, you have still scored a great bargain!
  9. Only thing I don't like is the sole damage - that shouldn't come like that. Keep (as you will ruin the sole anyway, but ask for some money back.
  10. ^^^I agree. The suede can be brushed back to perfection, most likely.
  11. loubou, would you mind telling me where you got them from?? i'm trying to find some but within europe, thanks
  12. i had somethign similar happen to me with shoes i got. i complained to the store and they offered me 50 dollars back. the shoes were 300 each- so 50 dollars off 600. i said no thank you bc that's not even 10%. so they came back and offered me 75 dollars total. um, no. i'm sending them back. at this point it's not the money- it's the principal. i am sad about it though bc i have a feeling once they go back they'll go on further sale and be even less than what they offered me (600-75) but what can i do? the damage to mine was about equal to yours - some marks on the leather, the sides of the heels looked odd, the patent on the front was glued all wrong. i know they were on sale but in reality they're 700+ dollar shoes and i would think they should be perfect, regardless of what i paid.

    if i were you i would ask and figure out how important the damage is to you. if you feel like you got a good deal regardless, keep them. if you need them to be perfect no matter the price then return them.

    for me 300 dollars is still a lot of money and i wanted them to be in better condition for that.
  13. Sometimes suede will do that from being moved around in the box a lot....a suede brush will fix that....so no big deal. The sole is damaged but if it does not show when on I would keep them. You could ask for some money back....how much is it worth to you?
  14. Honestly I don't think the sole 'damage' is anything big. You could ask for a partial refund but dont be surprised if the seller doesn't give you one. You did say that you like the shoes and they will be scratched when you wear them. I wouldn't get all worked up because of that.
  15. I think suede is naturally like that after certain period of time. As with the sole, maybe have them sole guard with the red vibram, so you won't see? None of my shoes ever see sunlight without being sole guard anyway, so I would keep it if I were you.