Damaged Chanel Chain Slides

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  1. IMG_7057.JPG IMG_6572.JPG I literally have only wore my slides a couple times and this is what’s happening to them because the bottoms are made out of satin (not a good idea )I was going to just sale them but at this point who would even want to purchase them these shoes were way to much money to be in this condition
  2. IMG_7059.JPG
  3. IMG_7057.JPG
  4. Oh no! And I love these! I’ve had these in my wish list for some time. Surely this isn’t normal, is it??
  5. I have no doubt in my mind someone would buy these
  6. How long have you had them for? Could you return them for a repair?
  7. That's ridiculous...shd not be like this after a few wears in my opinion.
  8. This fabric on an insole is a mistake on chanel part. Of course it will tear apart like that under foot pressure. Did you notice that the next season they started doing leather insoles on this type of slides? I had the satin ones too and i took it to the boutique and they repaired it. The second time i took it for the repair they lost them and gave me store credit haha :biggrin:
  9. I loved these too but never found them in my size, and never hunted them down. It’s a shame. I would be mad too as expensive as they were.
  10. I had these for a couple years but that is still no excuse I barely wore them and yes I did notice that they changed the material that’s on the soles on the most recent ones I have reached out to the CHANEL hotline and they said that I would have to deal with this once stores open back up so I am just going to wait until then to see what they will be able to do for me I loved these I’m very disappointed I don’t even want another pair I really just want a credit