Damaged after one brief wear...silver pebbles calf flap

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm in Vegas on vacation from Australia and purchased an adorable silver pebbled calf flap from the Chanel boutique at the Wynn 4 days ago. The SA said to be mindful of color transfer but otherwise it should be quite tough.
    After one short use of about 2 hours, I got back to my hotel room and realized that there are two dime-sized spots on the back of the bag where the silver has rubbed off; those spots are now a black-ish color. Very disappointing! I was being so careful with it when walking through crowds and putting it down anywhere.
    Is there any point taking it back to the boutique? Will they just tell me it's normal wear and tear?
    Thanks in advance for your advice :smile:
  2. Eeeekk!! I can't even comment on this. All I can say is Chanel's quality is right down disgusting. Even Fossil bags have higher quality compared to Chanel bags nowadays.
  3. It always helps to post a picture. Were you wearing it with black?
  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Could you possibly post pictures? The bag sounds so pretty and I'm not sure I've ever seen this style. Were you wearing jeans or dark clothes? I would personally take it back and show them because there's no way that the leather rubbing off after two short hours of careful use is normal wear & tear.
  5. ^ Agreed. May we inspect a photo of it?
  6. I can't seem to post a photo using my iPhone app :sad: I didn't bring my laptop on vacation but I'll try using my iPad later.
    I was wearing it with a light-colored cashmere sweater so there was definitely no color transfer.
    But good news, I went back to the boutique and the SA agreed that it didn't live up to the quality expectations for their products and said they're happy to accept a return. Pity to take it back though, it's so beautiful! It's the filigree flap, which is such a lovely design. I'm thinking that if I return it I might get the beige filigree with the black trim instead; I'll still have to watch out for color transfer but shouldn't have the same problem with the finish coming off like on the silver one. Although part of me wants to keep the silver because it is just so beautiful, and the spots are just on the back....! Difficult decision!!
  7. Sorry this happened to you. Get the beige. It's not worth the risk with the silver one, and next time they might not let you return it.
  8. That's horrible! Hope the second one works out. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  9. It sounds like the silver bag is very fragile (though it sounds absolutely lovely, still hope you can post a pic, especially also of the damage).

    Unless this issue was a one off, you're better off getting another bag you like. I wouldn't keep the bag with the spots because, even though they're just on the back, you got them from only two hours of use, imagine what could happen when you use the bag more...and then you wouldn't be able to return it! For that reason alone I would go for the beige with black, which is still very elegant and lovely. If you still really want the silver, you can ask the sa if they have more of them and also ask their honest recommendation before making a final decision regarding silver vs beige/black. I wouldn't normally ask an sa if I were choosing between two differently priced bags but since this is just the same bag in a different color and finish, you can trust their feedback on their durability.
  10. yikes! sorry u had this happen, but at least they're willing to return/exchange..i have never bought metallic leather because imo the rubbing off of the color is even worse than color transfer.. not 100% on this but i've heard that Chanel won't refinish metallics (if u have the same issue later on, it's inevitable i think) so maybe check with them what the refurbish policy is on metallics..