Dalmation Evelyn

  1. Wow!:drool: I haven't been bitten by the Evelyn bug until now. I love this one. :love: What are your opinions about this particular bag? Also, I'm petite (5'1"). Does the Evelyn look okay on us shorter gals?

  2. I LOVE this bag, but I'm one of the few that really love the Dalmation, especially this color combination. It's so unique and actually surprisingly wearable. Buffalo Skipper leather is also extremely durable. I believe this is the PM model right? If so, it should be fine on you. I think some of the gals have been known to shorten the strap using a scarf?
  3. Wow! That's ao rare! Anyway, you should be fine with an Evelyne pm at your height.
  4. I'm 5'2" and the Evelyne PM is the perfect size for me. I use messenger style, and if I want to use it on the shoulder, I double up the strap and use a twilly or scarf to secure.
  5. oh wow! that's a great bag! where can you still find one????
  6. This bag is up for grabs at Jemznjewels.com for $1,700.:graucho:
  7. I'll have to go out back and pluck the money tree.;)
  8. Did you get it? That's less than retail isn't it? GO GO GO GO GO !!!!
  9. I love it! I have always loved dalmation.
  10. I love dalmation and am hoping to get a dalmation birkin someday.