Daisy trying to PM you - box is full!!!!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Hi Daisy - your PM box is full. Could you please check out the MJ authenticate this thread - I need your expert eyes :yes: .


    Mods - please lock thread. Sorry that I had to post this here, hope you don't mind.:flowers:
  2. No problem... did she see this yet? I can delete it after she sees it :yes:
  3. Thanks Megs - I don't think Daisy's logged on yet. Once she has seen it can I report it as a bad post for deletion?

    Hope you're feeling better!
  4. just bump it back up, we'll take care of it for ya! ;)
  5. Yep, we will be on it! Just reply here saying she saw it! Then we shall delete for you!!!
  6. Bumping! Daisy?????:sad:
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