Daisy Marc Jacobs Sweepstakes

  1. Remember? It was like a 100 years ago:smile: Well I've got my Daisy Marc Jacobs keychain today. :yahoo:Small note inside says that I have been randomly selected:graucho:
    Any way here is a picture. Hope everybody will get it soon too:yes:
  2. I finally got mine as well! They sent it to my old address. It's lovely!
  3. got one as well :smile: looks great on your bag though dragonfly, is that the christy?
  4. My bag is from Resort 06 and I don't know her name;) embarrassing, isn't it?
  5. I think it calls tote bag
  6. well, whatever its called, its cute :smile:
  7. Thanks! :flowers:
  8. I'm loving all of these Daisy keychains!:tup: I wish I got one too!! I really want to use it as a purse charm. :sad:
  9. me too :cry:
  10. that's so cute!
  11. I've become obsessed with that daisy site now, I want to win something!!
  12. Found it. NVM
  13. The keychain is so cutee! Btw, the bag looks like the Eva to me? :wondering
  14. I got the keychain myself a couple of days ago. I definately want to use it when I switch out my bag soon.
  15. OMG - That is so cute. I want one! :woohoo: