Daimer Papillion did they change the hardware...

  1. The daimer papillion did they change the hardware? When? Can you get one with the old hardware? What is the old interior like compared to the new??? anyone with info or pics????
  2. Hi...they did change it to the hardware like on the mono...it's a little thinner and the lining is red now...I just bought the damier two weeks ago, it was the last older style the lv store had in stock, the inside is more orange. Either way it is a great bag.
  3. Which style looks better? Is yours made in the USA????
  4. Hi LV Pug! Mine is made in the USA (I never looked before) but I don't think, personally, that the buckle matters THAT much...it is a GREAT bag either way...call a few stores to see if they can find the old one if you want but if they hadn't had the old one in my case I would have bought the new one in a second! By the way, no problem with anything rolling around inside and I can get a lot of stuff in it.
  5. i have the older model and i don't like the new hardware.