Daf Booty or Equestria?

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  1. What to get, I can´t decide between Equestria and Daf Booty ;) What would you guys go for? Please your recommendations, I need a pair of bootie heels asap;)
  2. Kristina my love😍😍
    I think the equestria is a great pair for you. The look is fantastic. I like them. The daf booty is more classic so I think the are better for more combinations. But you would look fabulous in both I think.
  3. Thanks babe, I think both are to die for :love:
    Sorry but I need more opinions to make a choice and no one answered the old thread anymore:huh:
  4. I actually vote again for the Daf Booty. I just love how streamlined they look when you wear skinny leather leggings or coated pants (think J-Brand) tucked in. It think the Daf Booty looks more seamless when worn and I feel so tall and sexy when I wear them! Plus, again...no worrying about whether to match your purse hardware to the Equestria hardware or not! I'm sort of OCD with stuff like that, I'm ashamed to say.
  5. Daf booty :smile:
  6. I say daff booty plus wearing shoe jewelry is the new rage in my area like this pic so a more plain boot would be best and more versatile ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391657008.283936.jpg
  7. Absolutely gorgeous! What a cute idea xoxo
  8. I'm in love with both but prefer the Equestria, they're still being produced??
  9. no they are not, they will not be restocked but I have found them on ebay ;)
  10. I decided to get neither the Equestria nor the Daf Booty because I am very concerned I won´t like them judging from some photos I found on Google, rather get something I absolutely love ;)