Dad's getting a hip replacement

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if any of you have had experiences with a hip replacement or have a parent who has.

    My dad had a freak accident a couple years ago and broke his hip. It didn't heal right and now he needs a replacement. He's only 50 and VERY active... so I'll feel just awful for him if the replacement will severely hinder his lifestyle.

    Anyway, any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Do you know who his surgeon is? My uncle does hip replacements here in Los Angeles, so I know a bit about them. I have heard they are not as bad as knee replacements for some reason.

    Yes, I know his surgeon! He's the head of orthopedics at the hospital. He's in Northern California. He operated on my dad the first time, but a really bad bone spur has grown... probably some other complications as well, all leading up to a hip replacement.

    I just want to know if my dad can be just as active as before after the replacement. I mean, they always say "Oh, it's just about as good as your real hip" but really?
  4. If it is done well, and it sounds like your dad has a great doc, it might be better then his current hip, which is a mess. He simply MUST do his post op PT however, so you might have to fuss at him is he tends to be a bad patient. A good surgeon and good PT will put him back to normal in no time!!
  5. Thanks, Irishgal.

    When he first broke his hip (a super bad break) he laid on the ground for 12 hours without calling for help. He said he had
    "every intention of walking it off."

    So yes, I will be fussing.

  6. Walking it off!!!!!!!!!! ROFL. Oh boy. OK, you have your marching orders, make him rehab and he will be better than new. The hip replacement parts are great these days.
  7. The closest thing my family has experience is 2 knee replacements for my grandmother. She went through a lot of pain but she can walk now. I hope your father has a fast and painless recovery!
  8. My aunt lives in New Orleans and came to St. Louis to have her hip replaced last summer. It took her a while to get back on her feet, as it does with most major surgeries. She visited us last week and didn't even mention her hip and seems to be living a more active lifestyle as she did before her hip started bothering her.
  9. My Dad went through that and was more active after the surgery. His total recovery with rehab took a few months. I hope your Dad comes through this like mine did! My prayers are with him.
  10. Sorry to hear this. I don't have any personal experience with hip replacements, but I've known a couple of people that had knee replacements. It takes a while to recover, but he should be fine, especially since he's young and active anyway. Let us know how he does.
  11. I wish your dad the best of luck and here's to a speedy recovery.
  12. Thank you for your kind wishes!! I really appreciate it.
  13. Sorry to hear about your dad, IntlSet. My bro (in his 50s) had a hip replacement done a couple of years ago, and it has definitely helped him. However, he's not a very active person (more of an armchair sports fan, like me :smile:) so I can't comment if your dad will be as active post-op as pre-op. All the best to your dad!
  14. I know Eddie Van Halen had one and he's done some damage to himself! He's no spring chicken either. He came out of it just fine. Other than him, I have not heard of anyone else but it sounds pretty routine to me. I pray your dad has a smooth recovery.
  15. I understand your concern, Intlset. Surgery can be scary.

    These replacement surgeries work really well. My Grandpa's new fiance just had her hip replaced, and she is doing great. She is 75. She had been in pain for years, and within a few weeks, she is pain free. It's really amazing. She can dance now!

    My Grandma on the other side of the family had both knees done at 76. She is doing extremely well too--she jumped over a fence recently!

    The important thing is to religiously adhere to the post-op instructions. I think you can be very confident that your Dad will be better than new. Best of luck to you and your Dad!!! :smile: