D&G jewels and time

  1. I'm a BIG fan of Dolce & Gabbana, and I thought we should open a topic for all the other DG lovers!! (if there are any:ninja: )
    I just recently started my collection, so it's a small one!

    So this is my D&G Night & Day Watch

    and this is my D&G necklace!
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I adore them, and hopefully my collection will grow in the future :heart::wlae:

    I'd love to see if anyone has D&G jewels or watches as well!!!
  2. Hey! Yay, another D&G Time fan! :tup:

    I have two watches, one is the C'est Chic with white the face and the other... I have a hard time talking about lol!

    I had a white Moon watch (the one with removeable fob) and I LOST THE FOB PART!!! :crybaby: So now I just have the white strap with the D&G gold letters!!

    Don't wanna thread crap here, but does anyone have any idea if it's at all possible to buy the fob from D&G?!? Or would I be cheaper just buying the same watch again, do ya think?! I miss that watch sooo much!

    Sorry again for thread crapping, talking about my lost love upsets me!!
  3. yayyy I'm not the only one!!!:cutesy:

    hmmmm I'm not sure but I don't think you can buy just the fob. I know for sure that if the watch has a leather bracelet then you can buy that (if it gets worn out) but in your case I don't know... maybe you can go to a boutique or an associate and ask them ;)
    for now you can wear it as a bracelet ;)

    C'est Chic is sooooooooo glam!!!
  4. LOVE their jewelry! Those of you who have rhinestones on your wathces...C'est Chic etc. have you ever had problems with them falling out? That's the one reason I haven't bought one yet. I love them though!
  5. LV Luvr, I have had my watch for 2 and a half years and only one has fallen out, don't know if that's because it's near the clasp bit? (See pics below). But, because it's so glam and chunky, I don't wear it everyday, so I don't know if there would be more coming out if you wore it daily!

    I had to get a few links taken out because I have unbelievably tiny wrists, so I can just replace that link! Have been meaning to do it for ages, I might do tonight now that I've remembered, the S.A said you can do it yourself! But I've not tried yet, I'll get my fiance to try!

    Oh yeah, had to include a sneaky lil pic of my e. ring in the pics too, bling bling! :heart:

    R.I.P my Moon watch lol :sad:

  6. Congrats!! Everything looks lovely.
  7. good idea! my SA removed 2 smaller links from my watch when I bought it :p you can remove them by yourself but be careful not to scratch it ;)
  8. one trick to keep those rhinestone/"diamond" intact is to carefully apply a thin layer of clear nail polish over the side. i do this on all rhinestone stuff that i have and they never ever comes out
  9. nice trick ;)
  10. Wild_Rose, your watch is stunning! I keep seeing D&G watches with the logo large like yours but they aren't link watches they're on a cuff and I keep thinking to my self that if it was a link watch it would look sooo much better and low and behold it does! :yes:
  11. Congrates, nice choice
  12. ooh i love D&G time!

    i was looking at some watches but ended up with a very blinged up DKNY which im MORE than happy with so im content for now!

    i only have one piece of jewellery, a necklace my parents bought back from milan for me! im hoping to collect more though, i find their pieces very unique in a way! anyways let me see if i can find the pic...

    the length can be adjusted by the way! :tup:


    pic of me wearing the necklace, cant find any more on my comp atm and its 1:50 am so im not going to take one haha!
  13. I have only one - Moon watch with black leather strap.