D&B introduces collection in tribute of Miami

  1. well a few season ago D&b introduced a line that was in honour of the state of texas . I was very much not to keen on that line although aftre seeing the draw string tote from that line on a women though hmm maybe it was not so bad ( i think it is how the print mixture flows on the shape of the bag so here is dooney second atempt at tribute towards a place this time around it is Miami !!!.. so this lines comes in either a black / white or pink canvas backdrop. and as teh website does not yet allow you to see the bags in either the black or pink backdrops yet but overal i think the black backdrop may be the most versatile. anyways i would like to know what others on the forum think about this new line .... as of present i think the print mixture is either ahit or miss with the shape of the bag honetsly .. i honestly only prefer this print on the barrel or duffle and wristlet which i post ... i think the duffle would be a great spring summer tote or carry on for weekend trips overal i would like to see what Dooney what do for NY or LA bag that would be interesting



  2. I like dooney and bourke, but this is also a miss for me. I don't like the design at all. I would much prefer their signature look or their all weather leather look. I will have to pass on this style. I'm sure for others, they might find it very attractive. It could be a summer/spring look though. It is just not for me.
  3. Normally, I do not care for the D&B patterns, not even D&B logo items, but I love the Miami pattern. I don't want a purse in this pattern, but think the accesories are cute. I purchased the flap wristlet to use as my camera case this summer and would like to get a few more of the small pieces. I think it will be great to use in a big white purse this summer.
  4. I doubt people in Miami would carry that.... I would have expected a more sophisticated, sexier print.... Just my opinion. I feel like that print could work for any beach town: Fort Lauderdale, Myrtle Beach, etc....
  5. I totally agree with you. It seems like a random beach print. I never was a DB fan, but reading the OP's comment me think it could be a really distinctive print.

    I was expecting something with more color and style for Miami. I don't think that print characterizes Miami very well.
  6. It seems kind of generic and boring to me. I have to say, I'm not a fan. :tdown:
  7. I agree that its totally boring. You would expect brighter colors and bolder patterns, but you get umbrellas and changing tents.

    Im not a fan of Dooney & Bourke, this is just another reason why I dont like their stuff.