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  1. Thanks to the Target fiasco, USAA decided to replace our MasterCard "just in case". I have at least one payment still to go on my easy pay Florentine satchel order. I can't figure out any way to modify the payment online. Do I have to call them to do it? :confused1:
  2. When my card got stolen, i was able to edit my cards and put in a new one then delete the other one. I think it is under preferences
  3. I can't find anything in preferences to let me do it. I'll just have to phone them tomorrow.

    What a PITA! :pout:
  4. I don't know. This was about a year ago. Good luck
  5. If I just wait till they try to process payment on an expired card, no doubt they'll be calling me. ;)

  6. Yeah, no doubt. They will want their moola
  7. You have to go into your easy pay order and update the payment method there.
  8. PHP:
    I tried. There is no option to do that.

    I was able to do that on QVC, though. I still have two payments on my TSV satchel.
  9. Oops, I thought you were talking about the Q. You will have to call Dooney I am sure!

  10. I had the same issue with my cc, well, kind of. Mine was actually cancelled by the bank when they detected fraudulent charges. The main issue was that it was the 1 day before we left on vacation, so they sent the new cards overnight and they got not here by the time they were supposed to. We spent the whole day trying to figure out with FedEx where the package was. Finally they got delivered at 7:15pm. We left at 7:45pm, talk about exhausting!

    I called QVC since the previous time I had done it only online and then they called me since it did not update the easy pays so they were still trying to process the old card and it was being rejected.

    I'd call Dooney just to make sure.
  11. I did end up calling. Now when they bill my final easy pay next month it will go through.