'Cyber con man' gets 27 months for scam selling items on eBay

  1. wow... some people are so pathetic.
  2. Even though it is only 27 months, it is good to hear that this scamer got jail time. Hopefully all the victims will get paid the restitution owed to them.
  3. At least he's going to be locked up, but his sentence should have been longer.
  4. GOOD!
    This is why I asked if ANYONE has contacted the FBI regarding this monacobabe scammer?
  5. Glad there is some kind of justice here, but I feel like the people he stole from are out of luck.
    Does eBay bear any responsibility in a case like this?
  6. ugh, disgusting.

  7. Good!
  8. Well, at least he got caught!
  9. Hmmm...I've been curious about this since she is located in Europe YET has ripped off Americans and others. I would think the FBI would work with European LE to catch her.
  10. I seriously wish more can be done about cyber crime, although this news give me some hope that we are going in the right direction.
  11. It's time these scammers paid!