cutiesmile's collection~

  1. Hi all!, Now I am finally ready to show you my collection.
    I started collecting on and off 5 years ago. There was a point that I lost interest on purses (I didn't buy for a year-just loving the ones I had), but when I discovered tPF in August of '07 -what do you know- I am hooked again! I added tons of Coach stuffs this 5 months lurking/drooling on tPF.
    I don't have acessories much, I'm definitely adding more later ;). I only have 1 wallet and the rest are mini skinnies and wristlets that I use as a wallet.
    I hope you enjoy looking as I enjoyed collecting them!
    Here they are,, my other babies! :biggrin:.
    THE Family Portrait :heart:
    (Prada, Dooney & Bourke, Kate Spade, Burberry, Coach and LV)

  2. Individual/detailed shot
    coachgoldmini.jpg coachgoldwristlet.jpg coachgoldswingpack.jpg coachgoldtote.jpg IMG_3581sml.jpg
  3. ;)
    coachblackmini.jpg coachblackwristlet.jpg coachblackswingpack.jpg coachblacktote.jpg coachdenimswingpack.jpg
  4. :smile:
    coachbee.jpg coachmessenger.jpg coachscribble.jpg coachhampton.jpg coachheritageset.jpg
  5. :heart:
    lvmulti.jpg lvrecital.jpg pradahobo.jpg dooneyhearts.jpg katespadesam.jpg
  6. :love:
    burberrycoatscarfumbrella.jpg burberrywallet.jpg burberrysmallhobo.jpg burberryflowerpot.jpg burberrybackpack.jpg
  7. That's all for now. Thanks for looking!
    burberryclassic.jpg burberrycamel.jpg burberrycandy.jpg
  8. Wow, what a great collection. I see you love Burberry! They're all so pretty.
  9. Thank You! Burberry is my first designer bag :smile:. I think they need a new sister! Big sister, -the super nova check ones'. :smile:)
  10. Wow, AMAZING collection...I love all of your Sig Stripe pieces and the Heritage tote. The Scribble is cute too. :biggrin:

    I also love the MC pochette!
  11. wow! I love the Coach signature stripe totes! I wanted to get too, to use as a school bag. I also love the Burberry coat, I'm a big fan of Burberry coats and jackets.
  12. Love all of your burberrys!!! I want to have that many bags
  13. Cute LVs!
  14. I like :tup:
  15. what a great collection!!!!