Cute&Valentine catalogue&some photo

  1. :yahoo: I went to LV shop this afternoon, Just want to re-CF with SA about my order.
    BUT ... it is so cute... I grab it...
    The last one in shop... come two color beige and pink..
    And also see something so so cute but price not so cute ...:sweatdrop: 3400KR
    Heart silk scarf.. it is very soft and extremely cute :push:

    SA also give me a Valentine catalogue..

    But i ve new target for Valentine gift... Shawl come out with new color, so sweet pink...
    Mayb i dnt want Vernis heart coin purse.,, :confused1:
    DSC08461_resize.JPG DSC08462_resize.JPG Copy of DSC08447_resize.JPG Copy of DSC08448_resize.JPG Copy of DSC08449_resize.JPG
  2. wow, and he let you take pix! geez!

    ooooooooooohhhh, how much for the inclusion ring?
  3. OH they are soo cute, thanks for sharing the pix! anyone know the name of the scarf in second pix?
  4. inclusion ring runs around 255 USD?
  5. :sad: i know only bubble earring set, bubbles ring and bubbles bracelet

    earring set -- 1500KR
    ring -- 700KR
    bracelet -- 850KR

    for inclusion.. i forgot

    i ve ask so many things ..
  6. wow so pretty
  7. and

    speedy dentelle quite expensive here... 8595 KR

    and also heart vernis coin purse expensive than USA.,,, how possible?

    SA told me wrong price:confused1:
  8. Darn!
    the hearts scarf is TDF!!
  9. :smile: Azur display
    Copy of DSC08450_resize.JPG
  10. LOVE that black Rivete and those SHOES ARE SEXY!!
  11. :confused1: anyone know the sunglasses price ???
  12. thanks for the pics.
  13. ohhhh, I love the inclusion bracelet, its so cute!
  14. :wlae:

    inside catalogue
    Copy of DSC08466_resize.JPG Copy of DSC08467_resize.JPG Copy of DSC08470_resize.JPG Copy of DSC08471_resize.JPG DSC08473_resize.JPG
  15. Thanks for the great pics!!