Cute Panties?

  1. I think Victoria's Secret have really cute panties. But they don't fit right. The only styles that I like is Body by Victoria and they only have the basic colors or stripes. Nothing cute. I used to wear the Cotton panties in highschool and the XS would sag. Esp in the rear. Now my mom wears them and she's a size 10. How crazy is that?! So whenever I get free panty coupons from VS, I give it away unless it's the Body by Victoria collection. What other brands are out there? I really never check department stores and I've tried hanes before too. I just want really cute panties, nothing sexy. Any suggestions?
  2. I'm sorry the VS ones don't work out for you. (I'm a sucker for the PINK ones, myself) but I have gotten some really cute ones from American Eagle before though. I'm not too amazed with their fall designs though. D:
  3. I think the PINK collection is cut smaller. Try those out. There are free coupons in all the major fashion magazines this month, so you can get a pair for free. :flowers:
  4. I hate VS panties for that very reason too but my prob is the opposite-I have lot of junk in my trunk.

    I either wear Cosabella, Hanky Panky, or the new lace-trimmed ones from the Gap.
  5. I :heart: VS panties!

    besides them...I usually go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls or something and just buy a ton of random ones until I find a brand I really like lol...that or hanes :smile:
  6. Me too girl! I love VS, but sometimes I get lucky at TJ Maxx or Ross or something and find some really cute ones for cheap. My mom has like an eagle eye for that kind of stuff LOL

    Hm. Besides that, stores in the mall usually have cute things -- Gap, AE, etc. .
  7. I do the same thing with bras, I love the xoxo ones, but, the wires or the straps always seem to break on me. So, I go to tj maxx and buy a couple at 5-8 bucks each, so, when they break in a month or two, I haven't lost that much $ on it vs paying reg. price for it lol. But, I normally go to Kohls for bras, they have so many and they last much longer than even some of my VA ones =)
  8. i wear pink but I totally understand about the sagging in their cotton collection! I think you should check out calving klein undies at macy's.. they have cute stuff in the lingerie dept.
  9. I LOVE, LOVE VS PINK panties. They fit much better than their normal cotton panties :yes:

    Also, Urban Outfitters has some cute panties. As does Ross :graucho:
  10. i love hanky panky!
  11. I rarely go into VS just because it's only in the US, but I love going to Aeropostale for cheapo clothes and they have really, really cute girly panties for really cheap. The quality on a lot of them isn't so great, but the mesh ones are fab and you won't end up crying a lot if they get messed up in the wash or the such.
  12. Me too!! I just got 7 pairs from the Nordies sale.
  13. I also love VS Pink! =)
  14. I'm lending my support to the Pink line too!! They fit much better than the 5 for $25 cotton ones (the XS used to sag on me too).

    Gap Body has really cute panties too, if you haven't checked there yet.
  15. Hanky panky and pink.