Cute Little Things I Picked Up Today!

  1. These were so cute I had to have them!!:love:

    (sorry for the poor pic quality)
    keychains and misc 009.jpg
  2. Ooooh, pretty!
  3. Those are so cute...nice buy!! :tup:
  4. really cute!!!!
  5. I have that flower charm and I just love the colors. Those hearts are adorable and are perfect for Valentine's Day!
  6. LOVE them! :drool: :tup: :drool:
  7. the pink is so pretty,. congrat's.
  8. So cute! I have that little hearts thing, but as a cell phone lanyard.
  9. I love the hearts and I have the flower charm. Those colors are cute.
  10. I love the flower charm! so cute!
  11. Thanks for the nice comments everyone!
  12. Oh I love that flower charm! Did you get them at the boutique or the outlet?
  13. Adorable!
  14. TOO cute, LOVE the hearts! Congrats!
  15. At the boutique!! :smile: