Cute little story (my boyfriend and MJ)

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  1. I was watching Sex and the City yesterday while my boyfriend watched baseball in the basement. He came upstairs for a few minutes and all of a sudden he goes, "Wait, stop! Isn't that a Marc Jacobs bag?"

    At first I thought he meant it was an actual purse, so I rewound to the part, hit play, and saw Samantha setting down a bunch of shopping bags, one of which was a Marc Jacobs!

    I started laughing and told him he was right. It was so cute. He totally doesn't get the whole purse things, but he knows how much I love MJ so it was sweet that he noticed the MJ shopping bag, haha.

    Sorry, pointless story, I know, but I thought some of you might get a kick out of it. :P
  2. How cute is that! Gosh, when I mention Marc Jacobs they get defensive and think it's some dude I'm cheating with...:lol:
  3. It's funny how our obsession with MJ starts to infiltrate the awareness of others close to us. My husband is much more in tune with MJ bags than he ever thought he would be! He still probably could not decipher between MJ and Chloe, but he knows I love my MJ.
  4. i love it when boys make the effort because they know how much you love something. so cute! my bf is aware of designer bags now. he used to not care before at all, but he'll point out which ones he thinks are mj bags then he'll tell me if he thinks they're real or fake when we're out and about. although i can only get him to shop for bags with me about once every few months. i'm still working on that part.
  5. Your bf is so cute wordbox!

    ITA! :tup: My husband is the same way. But I love that he shows some interest in my bags and tries to learn the difference between a blake and a venetia.
  6. It's nice when they take notice of the things we care about, even if they don't completely understand it. :yes:

  7. Cute story. :smile: Exactly! I love it when the boys make an effort.:tup:
  8. Adorable! I love that he said that! So sweet!!:girlsigh:
  9. hehe, that's cute. :smile:
  10. my boy is now learning what brand is what bag too ... he saw a fake stam the other day and said 'she's got your bag' ... and when i said 'eeeek! no ... thats fake' he just sighed.
  11. Awesome!! It's nice when SO recognizes your fave brand!
  12. So true! Just like I try to take notice of cars b/c he does. It's the effort that counts.....
  13. how my hubby has been known to name drop his wife's famous appreciation for marc jacobs in male/male conversation (even though he doesn't get it) and every time he tells me i i totally get it
  14. aw :biggrin: cute story!
  15. Full credit for your BF's effort... so sweet... :love: