Cute Credit card holder?


Nov 14, 2005
Can anyone give any suggestions on cute credit card holders. I was thinking of getting the Marc by Marc Jacobs one that Megs posted last week..but it sold out! :sad2: I am seriously considering the Louis Vuitton if nothing else. When I carry my clutches or akward shaped saddle bag from Dior I end up just putting my credit cards and ID directly int he bag, because my wallet is too long or thick for it. Any suggestions would be lovely! :biggrin:
J Crew has something called their "magic wallet" that's perfect for holding cc and some bills. It comes in different colors of leather. I have this metal case that I got from a luggage store--it was inspired by a cigarette holder. It's really nice and has two sides where you put your cards in. It works really well and looks nice. I think there are a number of other companies that make small cc wallets...
Nordstrom's has an ABAS CC holder with snaps and a place for bills. Very slim - holds 8-10 cards. Trying to send you a photo but having no luck. It's in the handbag dept. I love mine.It's $38.00 and comes in a variety of colors - go to the Nordstrom website and search cc holders in bags & accessories - It comes up. I got the jpg!! look at second post - I have no idea how I did that !!! I am sure this is what you are looking for.
Thanks girls! You helped me do my research :smile:...After reading one of the posts, the price on Louis Vuitton is going up at end of I better make up my mind quickly.
Do you have a ludlow? I use that when I'm only taking cc or any type of card. It holds about 3 and it fits it in any bag. Pretty small, but useful. It also has a part for coins. It's not expensive, either.
wow, that really isn't a bad price, i expected it to be more expensive. hmmm...i've been looking for a tiny wallet for small bags...i don't have any multicolore...

noooo i must stop!