Cute Coach snowboots for X-Mas! And a wristlet I won!

  1. I love these! They are Coach Talen boots, they're so cute! From my boyfriend, they mean a lot to me he did such a good job, my size and a color I prefer in boots. I love them!

    I also have a rewards program at my job where we can choose from Coach items. I put my earned points towards the wristlet attached here as well.
    boots.jpg unwrapped.jpg wristletandbag.jpg
  2. cute boots, congrats!
  3. ohh nice!
  4. I love the boots!!
  5. Cute boots, I love 'em! Congrats
  6. i NEED those boots! :wtf:
  7. those are cuuuute! and a great work benefit!
  8. Nice!!
  9. Okay, I need those boots! I just went snowboarding and I wore my North Face boots that are DISGUSTING compared to those boots of yours. Lucky you!
  10. Beautiful Coachies!!