1. Hello,

    I buy regularly items on eBay and for the second time i bought a Chanel bag. I receive today a letter from customs saying that they will keep the item until I provide proof of the nature of the item (receipt, VAT forms...)

    Authenticity was not a problem ( fortunately) but they ask me to pay VAT. No matter if the item is new, used, second hand. So VAT+ Customs i 'll have to pay 25% of the amount of the item.

    BE Careful before buying something. What seemed to be a bargain can be much more expensive than buying at the boutique.
  2. Does this usually happen?
    Or the customs just check the packages on a random basis?
    or, it's justsomething happened when you ship by Fedex? but not USPS?
    When I moved back from US, I shipped 7 box (biggest size), but none got kept.
  3. ^^^I think it depends what is put on the customs form. USPS is cheaper than FEdex etc, because they also charge you a high customs processing fee. It is very annoying - I think if you bid on a bag, you have to factor in the customs cost when deciding your highest price.

    Sorry you had a bad experience Greatbag, hope that you love the bag when you get it.
  4. Since I ship internationally, I find that going by post is the best way to avoid any unexpected additions to the prices. My husband works as a courier and is subcontracted by FEDEX, and he has informed me that both UPS and FEDEX use customs brokers.
    I also found that out when I got my wedding shoes and saw that it was shipped via UPS, and there was a customs broker form in the box.
    I hope though that your bag is so blasted incredible it will make this experience just a faded memory.All the best.

  5. You should always take into account possible duties if you're buying from abroad to avoid surprises. That way you'll ensure that you still get a deal if you include customs in the max price you're willing to pay for the item and calculate backwards to determine your max bid. And if you don't end up being charged duties, well that just means an even greater deal!!!
  6. Custom checks packages randomly. I have items shipped all the time from the US & just last week one got inspected.

  7. It does seem to be random and depends on which carrier is used. I bought a Gryson Skye from the States and the customs charge was £35 when it came by UPS. I bought the same bag in a different colour - again from the States - and this time the charge was £88 because it came via ParcelForce Worldwide. The charge was so high compared to the price of the bag that I refused the parcel and it's on its way back now.