customized monogramming of indy & signoria

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  1. I stumbled on this information on (

    Gucci is pleased to offer custom monogramming of Indy and Signoria bags and of part of small leather goods at our Milan, Florence, Rome, Padova, Paris, London, Frankfurt, Barcelona and Zurich stores.

    product inquiries in europe

    for inquiries in other regions, please contact your nearest gucci store
  2. Oh yes, I saw this yesterday on the site. Looks like Gucci is introducing a customisation service! I know you can have any bag custom made in an exotic skin (I think only croc and ostrich) in Japan for a hefty, hefty price, but unfortunately it's only available in Japan at the moment.

    See here:
  3. have you emailed them yet to find out any more information?
  4. Interesting! Let us know if you find out more about it!
  5. I haven't emailed yet, but if I have more info, I'll let you know of course:graucho:!
    But I can't help it that part of me thinks it's going to be too much for my wallet:sweatdrop:.
  6. ho waw!!!
    I really :heart: these:

    left one:

    and left one too

    damn I neeeeeed more moooooooooooooooooooooney:wtf:
  7. Ive emailed Gucci to enquire about the customising- I will post the response!
  8. ^^ so wats the word?