Custom fees

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  1. Does anyone have a chart or anything with custom fees?
    I live in the US and I would like to buy a purse from a store in England.
    So I would like to know how much percent I would have to pay in customs to see if its worth it or not.

  2. I have purchased several bags from the UK.... all shipped either USPS mail or DHL... except 1 which was shipped FED-EX. And ONLY on the one shipped fed-ex was I ever charged any customs fees. Bag was $750, and the customs/fed-ex broker fee was $78.
    Otherwise if you google US customs fees, you should find further info on the web.
  3. Thank you Ellie. Since it's a company I am fairly sure they will ship with fedex or ups..However, I cannot find the percent I have o pay to get a bag shipped to me.

    When and how do you pay custom fees? To the mailman?
  4. If shipped USPS, then USPS mails you a letter of what is owed and you can go to the PO, pay it & pick up package. With fed-ex, I got a bill in the mail... 2 months after I had received the bag.
  5. Taxes & duties
    Taxes and duties are calculated according to your shipping destination and itemized on the Order Summary page. UK VAT will be applied to orders dispatched within the United Kingdom, excluding the Channel Islands. Local sales and taxes will be applied to all other EU destinations. Most countries are shipped to on a DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) basis, which means that all relevant import taxes and duties will be included in the product price at the time of purchase.

    Is what is says, do I still need to pay custom fees?
  6. As best I can tell Bay, that verbage only applies to shipments to the UK, not US.
    What methods of shipment do they offer?
  7. Do they have a customer service dept that u can email and ask if they have had any experience shipping to US & US customs?
  8. I called and US is one of the DDP countries!
  9. Good. At least now they should be able to advise how much your duty would be.
  10. ^So I still have to pay duty? Gosh I wonder how much :sad:
  11. I don't know. But if the US is a DDP, they should be able to tell you IF and how much. OR the charge will show up when u checkout.
    Have u tried to do a checkout WITHOUT finalizing your purchase to see if a duty fee shows up?
    And does the DD fee cover any potential US customs fee? As in are they one & the same?
    Maybe u need to call them back..
  12. I am just confused and now I feel stupid too. lol. Well alright, what is the MOST I would have to pay in custom fees for a 750 leather bag?
  13. I don't know hon. I paid $78. Call the store back that u want to buy from and ask them if DD covers US customs and how much it is on $750 bag.
  14. ^Lol the one I talked to didnt know, he was should be covered..I think?
    I was like..errr?!

    Also, I am orginally from another country and we get charts on what percent you have to pay to the customs..
  15. Lol! He's as wise as u and I are. Really scary!