Curse of the Sneaky-snake

  1. Well ladies - I've become the latest victim of our wonderful bureacracy. I ordered a pair of Jola flats from JChoo London. They have one teeny-tiny, eensy-weensy piece of watersnake on each shoe. And now they are at customs in L.A. in what is called a "clearance delay." :sweatdrop: Lucky me!
  2. We should start a club! :lol:

    Hopefully your shoes will be released and on their way to you within a week like my bag was. Robyn, on the other hand, has a Customs tale she can tell her grandchilren! :wtf:

    But all of this does make me wonder how much longer the sneaky-snake will be available for sale in US, or will it also go the way of the Python? :s
  3. Sneaky Snake:censor::mad::rant:

    I don't even know where to begin, but all I can say is "be patient":sos:
  4. Hi ladies: Sorry for this if it is a stupid question or if it has been addressed in other posts, but what about the Choo python leather makes it unable to be shipped into the US? I have three Gucci Python bags (including the one that is my avatar), and a Chloe python silverado and had no problem getting them.
  5. I think JC bags are a problem because they are been shipped from the UK into the USA. Did your Gucci bags were ship from another country?

    Also, I saw the same bag you have on your avatar at annsfabulousfinds web today, is it yours? is so SEXY!!!!

  6. I do feel sorry for the snakes tho. Sorry, no mean to offend anyone, after I read the article posted here about how they kill the snakes, especially phyton, I can't think of buying anything made of snake skin. Congragulations on your new flats, I am sure they are super cute.
  7. Without getting political about exotic skins, here is some information...

    Regarding importing python and watersnake shoes or handbags - They are NOT illegal, they are NOT on the endangered list. Since they are regulated by CITES, it is just a big hassle to import it into the US. I was recently dealing with this and spent some time on the phone to US customs and the department of fish and wildlife. To ship it, you have to have paperwork on the US end...a declaration form (#3-177) that you have to send to the seller in the other country. The seller has to have a CITES permit from their country, which costs money and takes time. Both sets of paperwork accompany the shipment, which legally is identified as "wildlife." You must also find out which port it will enter in the US (from the shipping company, ie FedEx) so you put that info on the declaration form (before shipment) and so you can call them to alert them about the shipment. Next, the shipment spends weeks in customs, being examined by the dept of Fish and Wildlife. Then it finally comes to you. Remember this if you EVER think about buying something from eBay. It must be shipped properly.

    It is a lot of work to prepare to ship one bag. This extra effort is a disincentive for the Choo website folks in London. When huge shipments are made from the factory in Italy to the US, it is all done in bulk.

    For those of you who want to know more about the CITES treaty and what it means, please go here:

  8. One of my guccis came from the uk and my chloe did too. Both came through the postal service, so I have no clue how they were able to make it.

    thanks. The romy is fabulous. I would never part with my Romy. I love the bag way too much.
  9. Just ordered the Nude Riki with Watersnake last week on Currently in customs awaiting paperwork...... I should know better! Hopefully it goes well!
  10. I got my Zagliani puffy python bag from the UK within 3 days of ordering it. Such a difference!
  11. Wow, here's an old thread, resurrected! The funny thing is, I talked to a customs officer in Seattle and he said that they don't even care about snake handbags and shoes.
  12. ^^maybe they got it handled after all the problems. I never had any customs problems, but I know several of you Choo girls were pulling your hair out with that fish and game thing...LOL
  13. Warning: do not wear w/ dark rinse jeans! :nogood: